A bankruptcy filing can be legally complicated and time-intensive. But the process is much easier with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. Not only will you receive legal advice, but a bankruptcy attorney will handle the paperwork from start to finish. If you’re looking for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in the Milwaukee area, you’ve come to the right place. Bankruptcy Law Center, LLP is a local law firm specializing in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are here to guide and help you through this process.

Here’s what you can expect from your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

Assistance with the Review of Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition

After evaluating your case, a lawyer will offer advice on how to proceed. An attorney will need to file paperwork with the court if bankruptcy is determined to be in your best interest. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you will need to appear telephonically before a Chapter 7 trustee who will review your bankruptcy petition. A lawyer should do most of the heavy lifting throughout this process by providing thorough schedules along with documentation to the trustee.

Help With Gathering Papers & Records

Some bankruptcy firms require you to complete a lengthy packet of forms. However, at the Bankruptcy Law Center, LLP we walk you through the forms to gather the information needed to file your case. We do not expect you to spend hours completing forms and compiling a list of your creditors. We will pull credit reports for you from the three major bureaus to ensure all of your creditors are listed.   

You will need to provide your attorney with your financial information, such as income and tax returns. From there, your lawyer will use it to prepare the official forms and then go over the completed paperwork with you to ensure that everything is correct. 

Meeting with Creditors on Your Behalf

If you are getting constant calls from debt collectors because you are behind on payments to your creditors, you may wish to explore your bankruptcy options. Once you begin the process of filing for bankruptcy an “automatic stay” is issued by the court. This order bans your creditors from trying to collect from you once your bankruptcy is filed. This means they can no longer send statements, sue you, or call you.

Once you retain our services, if bill collectors call, simply let them know that you have retained the Bankruptcy Law Center LLP as your attorneys. Give them our name and number and hang up. You will have no obligation to speak with bill collectors. Any creditor who attempts to collect a debt after receiving a notice of discharge can be fined.

Ongoing Discussions Regarding Deadlines & the Status of Your Case

An experienced attorney knows what papers must be filed and what deadlines should be met. It will be critical that you meet all deadlines that are set. You can also expect a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer to give you guidance about your case and any changes in your case. Most importantly, if you have any questions, you can expect your attorney to respond to your calls or emails promptly.

Bankruptcy Law Center LLP is Here to Help

If you decide to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case, you’ll want to pick one who’s reputable and qualified. Filing for bankruptcy is not scary, especially with the help from the experienced attorneys at the Bankruptcy Law Center. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers make the bankruptcy process as easy as possible. We will serve as your advocate and help you navigate through what comes next.

For assistance making this important financial decision and with all the steps along the way, Contact Bankruptcy Law Center to speak to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer today.