Milwaukee Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys – Stop Foreclosures & Repossessions

Catch up on payments such as:

  • Mortgage
  • Vehicle
  • IRS
  • Child Support

You will also be able to:

  • Repay your debt based upon your ability to pay
  • Pay 0% interest on credit card and medical debt
  • In many cases, you will only pay your unsecured creditors pennies on the dollar
  • Save your valuable assets

The experienced chapter 13 attorney at the Bankruptcy Law Center LLP is here to help.

Chapter 13 is an extremely effective way to restructure your debt. You will be surprised at how much money you will save. What you are currently paying toward your bills per month will be drastically reduced.

If you have high monthly credit card bills, we strongly urge you to call us before making another payment. Most likely we will be able to save you thousands of dollars. By the time most people call us, they have paid thousands of dollars in high interest and late fees to wealthy credit card companies, which is money that could have been used to take care of you and your family. Once you retain our services, if bill collectors call, simply let them know that you have retained the Bankruptcy Law Center LLP as your attorneys. Give them our name and number and hang up. You will have no obligation to speak with bill collectors. If you receive any legal papers or papers you do not understand, you can call us for help.

If you are current on your mortgage payments, continue to pay your mortgage if you plan on keeping your home.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and are seeking to keep your home, CALL US! An attorney will be able to speak with you directly regarding your particular situation, and in most cases will be able to prepare a specific plan with you in order for you to keep your home. In most cases, your mortgage arrears can be made up through your Chapter 13 plan. It is in your best interest to call us as soon as possible in order to discuss keeping your home. Many people wait until it is too late.

Vehicle Loans: If you want to keep your vehicle, you will be allowed to do so. If you are behind on payments, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can get you caught up and allow you to keep your vehicle. If you are behind on your vehicle payments, call us right away so we can take the steps necessary for you to keep your vehicle.

Credit Cards: If you have credit card debt, call us before you make another credit card payment, as we will most likely be able to save you thousands. Chapter 13 eliminates credit card interest, and in many cases, it also allows you to reduce or eliminate the principal.

Don’t listen to your creditors. Call the expert chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers!

Creditors may tell you horror stories about bankruptcy, but all they are trying to do is to keep you from filing so that they won’t take a loss. Don’t listen to them. If you have questions about bankruptcy, call and ask us.

Remember we are here to help; call us first before doing anything. We are on your side!