Once your bankruptcy is complete, you can focus on life after bankruptcy and start saving money and focus on rebuilding your credit score.  Just because you have filed bankruptcy does not mean that you will no longer be able to get credit. You can start rebuilding your credit now by simply paying your vehicle loans, home loans, and utilities on time each month.

If you do not have a mortgage or vehicle loan, you may want to obtain a credit card after your bankruptcy is complete. Use this card wisely and pay off any charges in full each month to avoid interest or finance costs. As you make the required monthly payments, the creditor will report your timely payments and you will have favorable monthly remarks on your credit report.  This will increase your credit score.

Bankruptcy will eliminate most, if not all, of your debts. This should allow you to start saving the money that you once were paying to your creditors. Having money set aside will also help you obtain credit in the future and give you the option of not having to use credit. As you continue to be financially responsible, your credit score will continue to increase.

Being debt-free will make any person more desirable to a prospective creditor. Creditors are far more interested in your current situation than what may have happened in the past. Once the high-interest debt has been discharged, most people are easily able to pay their monthly expenses and even start saving money. Responsible financial practices will result in a good credit score before long. Contact us today to learn more about life after bankruptcy!