Bankruptcy Myths Exposed

scales of justiceMYTH: I’ll lose my house, cars, and other assets if I file for bankruptcy.
TRUTH:  In most cases you can keep ALL of your property while getting rid of your debt. We are experts in utilizing the protections available to maximize the amount of property you get to keep. In most cases, you keep everything but the debt!

MYTH: My friends and family will find out I filed for bankruptcy.
TRUTH: Few people will ever know of your bankruptcy filing, unless you tell them. Bankruptcy filings are not published in the newspaper and not available to the general public online.

MYTH: My credit will be ruined, and I’ll never get credit again.
TRUTH: For most people getting rid of their debt through bankruptcy helps them rebuild their credit faster than if they didn’t file. Responsible use of your finances following bankruptcy will allow you to obtain credit within a short period of time.

MYTH: It’s difficult and stressful to file for bankruptcy.
TRUTH: If you file a bankruptcy through a knowledgeable attorney, the process is easier than you think. We make the process as easy as possible, and our clients leave our office relieved.

MYTH: Only “deadbeats” file for bankruptcy. 
TRUTH: Most people who file for bankruptcy are hard workers who have experienced one or more recent difficulties. In today’s tough economy, more people than ever are using bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

MYTH: I make too much to file for bankruptcy.
TRUTH: There are bankruptcy solutions for anyone overwhelmed with debt regardless of income. We have helped people of all income ranges save thousands of dollars.

MYTH: I can hire anyone to file my bankruptcy.
TRUTH: Bankruptcy can be very complicated and you have a lot at stake. There are attorneys who dabble in bankruptcy but are not skilled enough to recognize the complexities of your case. You should not trust your financial future to just anyone. At the Bankruptcy Law Center, LLP, bankruptcy is ALL we do! Our attorneys have been involved in thousands of bankruptcies and are highly skilled in bankruptcy law.

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