Riding public transportation due to a suspended drivers license?

Is Your Driver’s License Suspended For An Unpaid Judgment From An Accident?

Having your driving privileges suspended due to a judgment or debt from a car accident where you did not have car insurance is a reality in Wisconsin. Wisconsin law provides that a license may be suspended for failure to satisfy a motor vehicle accident debt. So if you wind up in an accident with no car insurance, you may end up without a license. Not having a license will prevent you from driving to work, school, or anywhere else, no matter how important or urgent. In addition, if you get pulled over driving with a suspended license, you risk fines, penalties, and possibly jail time. If you’ve had your license suspended due to an unpaid debt from an accident which you are unable to pay, you will want to seriously consider bankruptcy in order to solve your problem.

What Happens When You Get In An Accident Without Insurance?

So you had an accident during a time when you had no active car insurance. If you were at fault, or only partly at fault, you may end up owing a substantial amount of money to the other driver, or more likely, that driver’s insurance company. They may sue you and enter a judgment against you. On the other hand, they may simply claim that you are liable, and unless you contest that claim you will end up being liable. Unless you can make arrangements to pay the debt that is suitable to the insurance company, they will notify the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, who is then required to suspend your license until you can prove that the debt has been satisfied.

How Do You Get Your Suspended Driver’s License Back?

Here is where bankruptcy comes in. Unless you pay the debt in full, which can be significant, the only other way to reinstate your license with the outstanding auto accident debt is to file for bankruptcy. In most cases, this will be the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to get your license back.

Do You Have To Wait Until The Bankruptcy Is Over To Get Your License Back?

No. Once the case has been filed, federal laws apply that allow you to reinstate your license. Your attorney will provide you with the appropriate paperwork for you to take to the Department of Transportation to reinstate your license. It’s that easy. But please note that there will be applicable reinstatement fees to pay, and you will need to provide proof of insurance. However, the auto accident debt will not have to be paid, and that debt will eventually be discharged through the bankruptcy process.

If you find yourself without a driver’s license due to an unpaid debt resulting from an auto accident, give us a call. We can fix it and get you back on the road quickly. At the Bankruptcy Law Center LLP, bankruptcy is all we do and we are highly skilled at representing people such as you. Remember, both bankruptcy and a license suspension are serious matters. Making the mistake of not getting them taken care of by a professional can cost you more in the long run in attorney fees, a hampered ability to rebuild your credit, or a denial of the bankruptcy or reinstatement of your license. If you reside in Southeastern Wisconsin and need bankruptcy assistance, call us at (414) 257-1900.